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My name is Hershman John. I come from the Navajo reservation and I am a full time faculty member at Phoenix College, in the English Department. I received my undergraduate and graduate degree both from Arizona State University, in 1998. My writing reflects who I am and where I come from. I am Navajo, and I am from Sand Springs, Arizona. My clans are of the Deer Spring People (my Mother's clan) and the Bitter Water People (my Father's clan). Other stories and poems come from my travels and from my friends and family who tell some of the greatest tales.

I currently am a full time faculty member at Phoenix College and I teach part time at ASU . I teach Freshman English Composition, creative writing, poetry, literature, and professional writing. I have even created a course in comic book writing as I am a comic book fanatic. Teaching has been a positive experience for me, as well as my students who I look to for knowledge and stories. Respect must be for everyone, and that's also what I teach as my students learn who I am and learn who they are.

Navajo Rug I feel lucky, as I have been widely published in literary magazines across the country. I have been published in Hayden's Ferry Review, Journal of Navajo Education, Arizona Highways, Puerto del Sol, Family Matters: Poems of Our Families, O Taste and See: Food Poems, Wicazo Sa Review, just to name a few.

My book of poetry has been accepted for publication by the University of Arizona Press; it will be called I Swallow Turquoise for Courage. It is to be released in Fall 2007. I am very excited to see my hard work finally paying off in the form a published book. The journey of the book has been a long one, almost ten years for around 62 pages of poetry. I am currently working on my second book tentatively titled, History of the Ankle. With a full time profession of teaching 5 classes a semester it’s hard to find time to write, but I manage. Thank you for taking some time to enjoy my work.

One of the many stories that I use in my poetry is the Diné Creation Story. I have shown how this poem is told in many different layers. It starts with the worlds the Diné had to travel through to the present, the Glittering World of "Now." The stories of many different holy ones are told throughout the poem--such as First Man, First Woman, Coyote ... and ultimately us.

We are all part of the same Storm Pattern Rug.

-- Hershman John, December 2006

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